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Information for Students

Most challenging in Geography is its breadth, providing deeper insights in both social and natural sciences. Based on this understanding of Geography we offer three undergraduate courses: the first with Geography as major subject, the second with two subjects of equal value, and the third one, offering Geography as a minor subject.

At the graduate level two courses of study are available. First, a Master of Science program named “Geographie des Globalen Wandels (Geography of Global Change)”, and second, a Master of Education program qualifying for teaching at grammar schools.

International students who want to start studying one of the programs or planning to study one or two semesters abroad are welcome, but should be aware that it is crucial to at least speak German on a B2-level of the Common European Framework. Exceptions may apply at the graduate level, as some courses of the Master of Science program may be taught in English. Please contact the ERASMUS-coordinator to discuss the possibilities.

Since most courses are taught in German, we refer to the German version of our website for further details.

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