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September 2021 - M. Kahle, F. Borel, K. E. Lin and R. Glaser present their research results in Kyoto

Michael Kahle, Franck Borel, Kuanhui Elaine Lin and Rüdiger Glaser present their latest research findings on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in climate research in the panel "Digital Dimensions in Environmental History - new Perspectives" at the "Sixth Biennial Conference of East Asian Environmental History (EAEH 2021)", which will take place online from 7-10.9.2021 at Kyoto University in Japan under the guiding theme "Human and Nature in East Asia: Exploring New Directions in Environmental History". Rüdiger Glaser was also invited to a closing round table on "Environmental Challenges across Continents" to present a paper on "From the great acceleration to the global risk map: Challenges and perspectives for environmental history?"

June 2021 – LoKlim: Publication of the local climate and knowledge portal

Interactive maps on the impacts of climate change on municipalities and regions in Baden-Württemberg have been published on the website of the LoKlim project. The maps can be accessed via the local climate portal. The climate portal is combined with a knowledge portal on the effects and measures of climate change in the individual fields of action, which is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized municipalities in Baden-Württemberg.

June 2021 - Disputation by Mathilde Erfurt

Mathilde Erfurt successfully completed her doctorate on June 08th, 2021 with the disputation on "A long-term perspective on drought components in Germany". We warmly congratulate you!

April 2021 – Poster of Laura Quast on UN Homepage

From the poster gallery developed in Physical Geography by Michael Kahle and Rüdiger Glaser, the poster by Laura Quast on "South Africa is Making Up for Lost Land" has appeared as a lead on the homepage of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

April 2021 – Registration opened for International Workshop on Environmental Justice: “Bridging research, policy and activism for environmental justice in times of crises”

We would like to inform you that the conference website for the EnJust International Workshop 2020/21, held online from 19 to 21 May 2021, is now available and can be accessed here. You are warmly invited to participate in the event free of charge; however, please note that places are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. On the website, you can find all relevant information on the upcoming EnJust 2021 international workshop and, most importantly, all you need to know to register for the workshop. We look forward to your participation in the event!

April 2021 – Carola Fricke presents at the workshop “Dislocating Urban Studies: Rethinking Theory, Shifting Practice”

Carola Fricke presents her paper on Geographies of Mobile Housing Policies at the “Challenging Methodologies and Methods” Workshop (April 15-16, 2021). The virtual workshop will take place as part of the series “Dislocating Urban Studies: Rethinking Theory, Shifting Practice” organized by urban researchers from Malmö University and University of Helsinki. Instructions on how to register for the workshops and insights into results of the discussion can be found here

March 2021 - Publication published as part of the Clim'Ability project

As part of the international Clim'Ability project, the publication "Jardin Glocal. Medienökologische Suchbewegung" in co-authorship with Rüdiger Glaser. New forms of communication and different philosophical perspectives are fomulated. The project is also integrated in the Critical Zones exhibition at the ZKM in Karlsruhe 05/2020 - 08/2021 and in the "Abschied vom Aussen II" event of the Kunstverein Freiburg t.b.a. 2021. „More ...“

February 2021 - Ashton Schottler receives Emerging Scholar Award 2021

Ashton Schottler presented her ongoing dissertation research at the virtual international conference "The Constructed Environment" at the University of California Berkeley in May 2020. Now she has been awarded the Emerging Scholar Award 2021. The award comes with an invitation to attend the „Constructed Environment Research Network“ conferences in 2021 and 2022.

February 2021 - Scientific podcasts from students

In the winter term 2020/21 the Human Geography chair group was represented at the University College Freiburg. An interdisciplinary seminar on current travel practices was held by Nora Winsky. Four interesting podcasts episodes on “Travel in the digital age” were created. These can be found online here .

January 2021 - Regional climate change adaptation network launched

The launch of the new network for climate change adaptation on the topic of "Climate protection and climate change adaptation - challenges and opportunities" met with a very good response in the region. The initiative for the network lay with Prof. Hartmut Fünfgeld supported by a planning team of regional experts.

January 2021 - Disputation by Annette Bösmeier

Annette Bösmeier successfully completed her doctorate on January 22nd, 2021 with the disputation on "Exploring and analyzing data for reconstruction, modeling, and hazard assessment of historical floods in the Kinzig catchment, Upper Rhine area". We warmly congratulate you!

January 2021 - M. Kempf and R. Glaser are guests at an international conference in Bern

Michael Kempf and Rüdiger Glaser give a lecture on „Conceptualization of Environmental Stressors – The Dynamics of Vulnerability, Resilience, and Adaptation Measures in the Focus of Landscape Affordances in Central Europe on Multivariate Scales“ at the international TRAVAS conference about Theorizing Resilience & Vulnertability in Ancient Studies in Bern.

November 2020 - Climate change in Saarland ... and its consequences

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Glaser in conversation with Armgard Müller-Adams on Saarland television at INTENSIV, editor in chief the Freiburg geography graduate Felix Schneider.

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November 2020 - New publication "A multidisciplinary drought catalogue for southwestern Germany"

Droughts are multifaceted hazards with widespread negative consequences for the environment and society. Within the interdisciplinary research network Drier different perspectives on drought were explored using a multidisciplinary dataset of past drought events in southwestern Germany. The open access publication is available on:

August 2020 - New book publication "Across the Sahara"

A multi-year joint research project between the Chair group of Physical Geography at the Freiburg University and the Center for National Archives and Historical Studies in Tripoli / Libya investigated the trans-Saharan caravan trade in the 19th century. The findings from this work are included in the publication "Across the Sahara - Tracks, Trade and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Libya ".

The book, edited by Dr Klaus Braun and Dr Jacqueline Passon, has been published by SPRINGER NATURE and is freely available as an open access publication at