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Global Change

Global Change is one of the great challenges of our time and, as a complex-set of processes, includes both social and environmental dimensions. As such, Global Change can be subdivided into sub-areas of scientific inquiry, such as population development, biodiversity change, urbanization, climate change, landscape degradation, etc. - processes that are characterized by the exercise of power, the availability of capital, resource conflicts and critical human-environment conditions.
At the University of Freiburg’s geography department, Global Change is understood as a comprehensive, integrative research topic that intersects physical and human geography. For this reason, our researchers study Global Change from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives.
Our content focus is on climate change and its social contextualization, in particular with regard to climate change vulnerability and adaptation. These research topics are conceptualized as comprehensive socio-ecological processes that require a nuanced understanding of scale-sensitive, transdisciplinary human-environment research, including regional studies. Geography researchers at Freiburg explore the social dimensions and political negotiation processes related to global change in the context of other global trends, such as urbanization, demographic change, social inequality and economic and geopolitical transformations.

Research Interests related to Global Change