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January 2022 – Climate change and adaptation measures in the economic region Mittelbaden
January 2022 – Expert advice in the investigative committee
April 2022 - Tim Freytag is the new chairman of the Frankreich-Zentrum
April 2022 – Rüdiger Glaser gives a lecture at the climate camp
April 2022 – Rüdiger Glaser gave a lecture in Salzburg
April 2022 – First NATOUR face-to-face workshop in Barcelona
May 2022 – Clara Sofie Kramer’s doctorate completed
May 2022 – Ashton Schottler completed her doctoral examination
June 2022 – Rüdiger Glaser gives lecture at the University of Stuttgart
May 2022 - Michael Kahle presents flood analysis of Ahr valley
May 2022 – Nora Winsky completed her doctoral examination
July 2022 - Jan Blöthe on 3SAT and SWR on the glacier collapse in the Dolomites
Juli 2022 – R. Glaser and N. Scholze speakers at a sustainable Logistics Workshop
September 2022 - R. Glaser gives lecture on climate development
September 2022 - Deutschlandfunk report with R. Glaser
October 2022 - New paper on the distribution of TBEV in Germany
Oktober 2022 – R. Glaser gives lecture at the Climate Day of the Construction Industry in Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Oktober 2022 – Nora Winsky receives Ralf Dahrendorf Prize of the Badische Zeitung 2022
September 2022 – Michael Kahle presents statistical methods to analyse text corpuse
October 2022 - Michael Kahle analyzes winter of the 18th century using artificial intelligence
November 2022 – Facing up to climate change ...
December 2022 – SWR Science Talk "Climate Change in the Alps"