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Janika Kuge

Former Academic research and teaching assistant


Research Projects and Focus areas

  • State Theory
  • Migration Theory
  • Political and Radical Geography
  • Legal Geography
  • Ciritcal Theory

Lecturing and teaching activities (selection)

  • Master: Political Geographies of Migration
  • Field Trip: Urban space as site of conflicting interests
  • Bachelor: Topical Questions in Cultural Geography


  • 4/2016 - 11/2023
   Research and teaching assistant at the chair for Economic Geography and Sustainable Development
  • 2016
   State degree in Philosophy
  • 2015
   State degree in German Linguistics and Literature State degree in Geography
  • 2014
   Scientific graduation thesis: „conflicts of the public space in the neoliberal city”
  • 2007 - 2016
   Studies in Geography, German Linguistics & Literature, and Philosophy in Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Thessaloniki (GR)

Citizenship, scales and statehood: the political effects of sanctuary cities. (working title)